skin renewing

Facial Massage

We have partnered with DIY Essential Spa to provide the best products to incorporate into our facials. We offer traditional facial massage and facial guasha using traditional craft herbal extracts with essential oils that help reduce acne, scarring and wrinkles. Our skin care services are tailored to meet your individual needs and keep you looking your best with beautiful, lasting results.

A customized Facial Massage increases the temperature of the skin to open pores, expel sebum, carbon dioxide, dust and impurities from the skin. It helps promote blood circulation, bringing nutrients to the skin at a cellular level improving appearance and reducing skin sensitivity. Walk away with a healthy, fresh glow!

The Guasha Facial helps to firm skin on and around the face and neck area as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. This facial improves skin quality by deep cleansing pores and removing blackheads. Activating blood circulation helps to eliminate edema, dissipate stasis, relieve fatigue and relax the facial muscles. Get a kick start on cell regeneration, and accelerate metabolism with your customized guasha facial today!

Choose Your Facial Massage


30 Minutes

General Cleansing +
Facial Massage or Guasha Facial


60 Minutes

Deep Cleansing +
Mask + Facial Massage


60 Minutes

Deep Cleansing +
Facial Guasha


90 Minutes

Deep Cleansing + Mask
Facial Massage + Guasha

Looking for complete relaxation and rejuventation? Choose a combination Facial + Body Massage!

Choose An Optional Add-On to Enhance Your Massage.


Add an Essential Oil - $10

Add Cupping - $30

Why You Should Try It

Complete Relaxation

These days everyone is busy. Often too busy to take care of themselves properly. At Natural Massage we know the benefits of a good massage and the value of making a little time for yourself on a regular basis. We’ll help you unwind and relax so you can leave refreshed and ready for anything!


Health Benefits

Massage is not just pampering. The benefits of getting a massage on a regular basis include increased circulation, pain management, increased flexibility and joint movement, improved immune system, reduced inflammation, headache relief, and improved posture.


Stress Relief

Massage is not only good for the body, it’s great for the mind. Stress is the #1 cause of many conditions and illnesses. At Natural Massage we know how to help you reduce stress with a great massage. Make massage part of your healthy lifestyle by scheduling an appointment today.


Every Body Deserves Facial

Everyone knows stress is a major cause of many health issues. Regularly scheduled facial massages greatly contribute to your overall well-being and appearance by reducing stress, increasing blood oxygen levels, and improving circulation, Facial massages aren’t just for pampering anymore!